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Puppy-proofing the Home

Whether you plan to adopt a puppy or adult dog -- preparing your house for its arrival can avert disaster!

Puppy-proofing the house: Do your parents have a lot of plants around??? Certain plants, like a philodendron ARE poisonous and puppies will chew on most anything that happens to be near their mouths!!! Is your backyard fenced??? Look for holes smaller than you'd THINK they could fit through!! Is your backyard UNfenced? Ask your Dad about either a run line (wire in a straight line that you hook a long leash or lead to so the pup can run the full length of it. Or you can get a "stake" which screws into the ground -- you attach a leash or line to the stake and then the pup can run a circle around it.

Oh, and don't forget to get a small cheap frisbee! and a ball or two (careful it's not a squishy one that the pup can chew chunks out of and swallow). those are GREAT toys for you to have to play with the pup --- small frisbee for a small pup tho, ok? Even the top from a margarine tub is a good thing to start with because it's light!)

If you get a puppy --- one of my best hints is to put a bell on him!!! You can get one of those little "Christmas" type jingle bells at the pet store for like $1. But if you put it on puppy's collar, when he gets up in the night and starts "tinkling" you'll know he MUST go out! Then you don't have to clean up messes later! You'll also find it helpful as a "puppy tracking system" -- suddenly you'll hear this tinkle in some part of the house where puppy's not supposed to be!!! It's better than radar!!!

Well, gotta go puppy proof the house so I can get a puppy after I go find a vet and stuff!
Beware -- that puppy is going to FIND things (puppy proofing the house is a good idea BUT) to "play" with and chew on that you didn't even know were there! GET THAT BELL -- you'll need it!

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