Demodectic Mange

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Two years ago when we 'rescued' Muffin, I had questions about Demodectic Mange, but no answers! To-Do's? How-To-Do's? Not-to-do's? HELP! Something in plain English, please?? I guess not!

Then, by gosh, after all this work, **I** will write it!!! Hope this helps you and your pup!!!

We rescued Muffin. Twice.

He was one big raw, bleeding, oozing sore (complete with imbedded sand burrs)!!! You nearly couldn't see the pustules because he'd dug at himself so (and then other dirt, yuck and hair stuck to that so he was a crusty mess. In fact, at that point he was so sick, he'd just shut down emotionally. I could barely get any sort of response out of him - he didn't seem to care about anything other than the occasional frenzied scratch, but then he'd whimper himself into silence. I nearly 'lost him' several times those first few days.

If you're sensitive - I truly apologize - I'm certainly not trying to be sensational. But at the time I was so inexperienced I hadn't a clue what I was really dealing with.

How do you deal with an animal THIS sick? One bit at a time. Get him on antibiotics RIGHT away so he begins to heal. We used the benzoyl peroxide bath FIRST (and it DID sting, but it also healed!). Then the Mitaban dip. When he began to scratch I'd use the diphenhydramine, but I was careful at first NOT to use much. It will make them sleepy and Muffin was SO sick I was afraid he'd just slip away! When he actually began to WANT to scratch it was almost a "good sign."

But inch by inch we learned and inch by inch he got better. But it seemed I'd just "get him better" and whoosh - there he'd slip again. At first I thought it was totally weather-related. Someone had told me "stress" (which I thought was just so . (gag me with a spoon) totally '90's!!! Oh, dear .. . my doggie is a victim of stress too! (*rolling eyes*).

But gradually I learned more and more. In fact, that's why this whole section of my site is so huge!! You'd think this was the Demodex Abyss!!! But nobody tells you this stuff!!

I wondered and wondered - I'd done my best to "treat" this but gosh, it just seemed like there HAD to be more! All this dipping FOREVER???? Please, NO!!!! (when it all was first being treated, I Mitabaned him every single week for a couple of months . then gradually I could wait between!!! When we finally went for a MONTH without breakouts once we were elated!!!).

But he's very healthy now. We still have to dip him occasionally when SOMETHING has caused it to pop out. I doubt others would have kept him and done so much. But we could definitely see that under all this pain there was a wonderful animal. He's got the sweetest spirit I've ever seen.

But then we began to realize that there was a definite need for this kind of help out there. The more I ran MY head into a brick wall trying to "find answers" the more adamant I was to share what I learned.

Please - if this has helped you, let me know ( . If you know of other treatments - please share them!! If you have a wonderful story of how your dog was totally cured - Wow! let me hear it!!!


What Is Mange?
What Does It Look Like?
Why are Young Dogs Particularly Affected?
Demodex in Older Dogs
Why Can It Pop Out All of a Sudden?
Stressors - Physical, Emotional, Breed-Specific
Will He Outgrow It?
This Sounds Like a Lot of Hassle - Can't I Just Wait and See?
"Right Now" Treatment
Pro-active Treatment
How To Give Pills
Cautions on Treatment


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