Muffin and me went wif Mom this afternoon IN THE CAR -- but it's soooo frusterating.

We get going -- it's not too bad ya know -- but I gotta keep track of her hands.. like -- they OUGHTA be petting me, but Mom says "NO, Foxy, I've got to drive! SIT!"


Then .. well, it would all be ok if we could just KEEP GOING. That would be good. All the cars kinda go by us and the people look pretty nice (specially when some of the ladies smile at me -- I LIKE THAT).

But then, and I don't unnerstand why, Mom and everbuddy just STOP!!!

WHY DO THEY DO THAT .. don't they unnerstand we're GOING???

Like .. we can't gits no wheres and when everbuddy stops like that all the people are there and people walk by and I can't keep track of everbuddy.

But it's just sooooooooo much better when we all stay together
... and when everything is just nice and neat
... and the cars all just go along in a nice line
... and nobody goes past me
... and we don't go past nobody else
... and we don't stop so that all them other cars don't go the other way.

When we stop, it makes me SOOOOO nervous. I HATES IT.

Then we go
... but then we stop
... but then we go again
... but finally we turn into one of those "parking lot" thingamys.

Now, THESE make me really, really, really nervous!

Cos -- I know we are "there" -- like wherever THERE is .. and I know SHE is gonna get out of the car and prolly I'll have to stay IN the car and and and and and ... phew. It makes me soooooooooo nervous.

Then she goes in this store (WITHOUT ME! SIGH)
... but if I stick my head out the winnow
... (but I gotta stay IN the car -- you know I gotta not annoy mom!)
... but stick it   waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy out
... I can sorta "see" her in the store
... but it's soooo frusterating cos


phew .. it makes me sooooooooooooooo nervous.

There's she's done ... she's coming back to the car and gives us a drink. Then, she gits in the car
-- and we go again
... and stop
... and go
... and stop
... and some jerk in the next car looks at me and starts barking at me
... I looked at him like he was nuts. He needs his OWN sheltie!

and we stopped and goed some more.

Then we got to anicare -- and Mom had only ONE leash.
Oh no.
OH NO ..

But .. she's my Mom. she knows I gotta go wif her into THIS doggie smelling place. Well cat smelling too but mostly doggie .. but we can't leave Muffin .. but
... oh
... oh dear

... she's only got
ONE leash...

Whats she doing? she's
... oh no
... she's taking my collar off
... oh dear
... oh no
... oh NO

wait... she's putting the hand part of the leash thru my collar and then putting my collar back on ... she clips the other end of the leash (the clippy end) onto Muffin's collar .. yes .. this IS a 7 foot leash. She grabs the middle and we all gets outta the car

.. and we ALL GETS TO GO INSIDE ... ~~~~~

phew .. it makes me

We wented inside .. and oh they have chewies in here and piggie ears and ..... oh dear .. I can smell that stuff Mom puts in Muffins ears .. and .. wassat .. a CAT was here .. and .. oops .. she's going this way .. I furgot ta Heel.

Wait a minit .. I can get this collar off .. what am I thinking ... there, I'll just lay down by Mom and she'll NEVER KNOW I shook that collar off. We are MUCH more comfortable without it .. like oh dear ..

MUFFIN >>> MUFFIN >> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if you walk off she's gonna KNOW I ain't attached to the other end anymore.

Oh dear. Smart Mom.

Oh, me? I didn't mean to .. it just .. um .. FALLED OFF!!!...

Collar back on. ... but we're ready to go anyway.

I can't help it, you guys. I'm a herding dog
... it's WHAT I AM
... it's ... WHAT I DO
... it's

phew... it makes me SOOOO nervous!

BUT oh boy I like ta go! EVEN IF I gets nervous.

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