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Would a Puppy Harm My Hamster?

Aside from "socialization" issues are there other pets in the house?

Would a puppy harm my hamster?
The dog isn't gonna "understand" the hamster. Yes -- they are natural "enemies" Sarah. First off, the hamster is gonna be terrified of the dog. The dog will smell that and be aggressive. Don't leave the hamster unprotected with the dog. In fact, I probably wouldn't try and mix the two. A hamster is very small and has very very sharp teeth. Just because it won't bite you, doesn't mean it wouldn't think the dog was going to hurt it and bite the dog -- the dog could hurt your hamster very quickly and easily without meaning to. If your hamster cage is up off the floor there shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't leave the hamster cage on the floor tho -- that could be asking for problems.

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