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"Feeding" is a topic that could support an entire website all on its own. But what about the real basics like when to feed, how much to feed, etc.?
Is it better to feed a dog two small meals a day or one big one? How big are meals?
Puppies tend to eat oftener and smaller meals. It depends on how big the dog is, Sarah. Another school of thought is to feed him when YOU eat. Mine, however, like two meals a day. I normally "feed" them at night (these are adult dogs -- they'll stop eating when they are full) and then in the morning they normally "finish" what they left the night before. Because I work and am gone during the day, I don't like to give them MUCH in the morning because just like people, after they eat they have to potty! So I don't feed them LATE in the evening either. It's usually about the first thing I do when I get home. Just like you come home from school hungry, the pup will be hungry then too. probably a bit in the morning, heaviest "meal" when you get home from school and then maybe a few kibbles after supper. You'll find the pattern he's happiest with. Careful though. Puppies don't have any idea of when they should "stop" eating. So you don't want to "over feed". They will ravenously snarf down most anything you put down for them usually. The package guidelines are usually pretty accurate (and they should say a daily "total"). Do start off with a puppy food.

Be aware that "high protein" foods are not necessarily good for your dog!! Humans tend to think that something "high protein" is a good thing. But it's ONLY good for dogs that are "working dogs" (like a farm dog who chases cows hard all day). Too much protein is hard for the kidneys to digest and will ultimately cause problems.

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