Critturs is intended to help people deal with their dogs.  Whether you have a dog that is "new to you" (maybe a pup or an older rescue), or you have encountered a "problem" with your dog -- physical or behavioral -- it is our desire is to help folks find ways to deal with those challenges.  If we can help you solve a problem or help you learn to deal with an existing problem, and you can keep your dog and feel better about its care, then we've succeeded in our objective.

We aren't veterinarians, and don't try to have *all* the answers, but hopefully we can help at least point you in the right direction.  Please don't use us *instead* of taking your dog to the vet!  If you suspect your animal has a problem, contact your veterinarian.  You probably know that animal better than anyone, and if you even *suspect* a problem, that's a really good indication that you should follow your heart!

Along the way there are some good stories about incredible animals.  We hope you not only find good information here, but enjoy the journey.

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